How to Subscribe to a Manufacturer Channel in v3

In addition to your libraries, which are your internal content, you also have Channels, which are ways for other content providers to share their libraries with you.  Providers include leading manufacturers and BIM content providers such as Legrand, Grundfos, Herman Miller, BIMsmith, and BIMstore. 

An advantage our content has over our competitors is that our channel content has been vetted by our QA/QC team to ensure content is modeled accurately, is parametrically clean, and compact in file size. Using UNIFI channel content can save you time in creating new families for content requests as the geometry is clean, leaving you to focus on customizing the data for your company standards. 

These companies, whether they are manufacturers or BIM content providers, share their own content with UNIFI users at no additional cost to you. To add a content provider to your UNIFI Channel options, you’ll need to access the UNIFI web portal. You can access it by clicking on the globe icon within the UNIFI app.  


The Web Portal will open in a browser window. Select Subscriptions from the left side of the screen. 


You’ll then be able to subscribe to various channel subscriptions.  

To search for specific manufacturers you can press, ctrl + f and you will see your web browser show a search for the page. 


If you want to see what specific content is available simply subscribe a group you are part of to that channel. 


You can now view this subscribed content when you click on the Channels tab when browsing for content. (If you have UNIFI open be sure to close and reopen to see the newly added channels.) 


You can also search channels for content when conducting a standard search.