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 Episode 1: Model Health & Why It Matters
This webinar is part of a 3 part series to understand benchmarks for model health and why it's necessary to have live data reports.
 Episode 2: Setting Up Your Insights Models
In this webinar, we cover how to set up your model insights in Project Analytics.
 Episode 3: Analyzing your Insight Models
In this 15 Minutes to BIM episode, we walk you through analyzing your model metrics.
 Episode 4: Content Library Optimization
This webinar is all about optimizing your current content library. We cover how to get started, determining changes that will occur and how to best approach those, trimming templates, and more.
 Episode 5: Tag You're It - How Effective Is Your Tagging Strategy?
In this webinar, we talk about how to build an effective tagging strategy. We are going to talk about what tagging is and how it helps you organize your content, share our best strategies for tagging, and provide some helpful implementation techniques.
 Episode 6: Shared Parameters Made Easy
UNIFI makes it easy to manage your shared parameters. We discuss what shared parameters are and provide useful strategies for their implementation.
 Episode 7: Ultimate Guide to Revit Families
This is the ultimate guide to Revit families. We cover the basics of Revit families, best strategies, and managing updates.
 Episode 8: Upgrading Revit Content - Made Easy
We are talking about upgrading Revit content. We provide you with a step-by-step process for upgrading Revit models.
 Episode 9: Saved Searches - Access Your Content Quickly!
In this webinar, we talk about how you can utilize saved searches to find content quickly in UNIFI.
 Episode 10: Managing Your Dynamo Graphs
Dynamo Graphs is a fantastic tool for even non-programmers because its flexibility, free tools, visual interface, and strong community simplifies automation and computational design in Revit.
 Episode 11: 2020- UNIFI's Year in Review
In this episode, we are reviewing all that UNIFI accomplished in 2020 and looking ahead to new developments in 2021.
 Episode 12: Top 3 Value Adds for UNIFI
In this webinar, we cover the top three value adds of UNIFI: content organization, content control, and content visibility.
 Episode 13: How to Roll UNIFI Out to the Greater Audience
This webinar is all about onboarding with UNIFI. We talk about the initial kickoff meeting, training sessions, and ongoing support.
 Episode 14: Using Keynotes in Revit and UNIFI
Keynotes are intended to reduce numbers in drawings by introducing symbols and other figures and therefore produce cleaner-looking drawings. In this article, we share some best practices for using keynotes.
 Episode 15: Content Standards/Naming Conventions Overview
In this webinar, we are going to cover some best practices for content standards and naming conventions.
 Episode 16: The Teeny Tiny Template - Template Best Practices
In this episode, we talk about the foundation, discipline, and practice area that goes into a template.
 Episode 17: Savvy Searching
In this webinar, we dig into the significant improvement we made to our search feature in the latest release. We show you how to easily find content using our more intuitive interface.
 Episode 18: Type Cataloging
In this webinar, we show you how Revit and UNIFI work with Type Catalogs. We also share some best practices and some things to be on the lookout for.